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when life goes wrong, love works it out

So you know how work bro calls me Bitch and I call him Bitch and we have this sister-brotherly relationship and everything? You probably don't but that's how it's been. Anyway, I'm at work this morning and work bro, who has the day off, texts me out of nowhere:

HIM: You're no longer Bitch, now you're Miss B ;)
ME: *thinks* Mmkay, that's lame. *texts* Nooo, I prefer Bitch.
HIM: Yeah but you don't get a say in the matter, Bitch :P
ME: See, you get a bigger kick out of that nickname.
HIM: Of all zee bitches in the world, u r my fav bitch. I shit you not ;)
.....20 minutes later, after not getting a reply cause I left my cell upstairs and went downstairs for a while, clearly panicking that he freaked me out:
HIM: Come on, don't get mad. You're not my fav bitch, you're just a bitch.
ME: Too late, you can't take it back. I'm slow on the responding cause I'm working plus this work cell is retarded for texting.
HIM: OK. U r my fav bitch and that's it. Now go back to work. ;) Kiss.
ME: I know, I'm awesome.
HIM: :) ;) :*

This freaked me out a little bit, not gonna lie. Do you guys think I'm reading too much into this? All I know is, when I'm randomly texting someone with a weak excuse just cause I want to chat, I'm into that person. And I don't even do it FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. Shit. I'm gonna ignore the balls out of this on Tuesday when we go back to work.

I haven't seen any new TV yet but I did see Friday Night Lights!!!!! I rewatched the entire 4th season in anticipation and was reminded of my huge crush on the Jess/Vince of it all. So here's a crappy picspam, just cause.


COACH/RACOON OTP INVITES YOU IN. Let's get to business.


I love the way he handles her brothers, I love that they love him and I also
love his crazy mom for randomly and inappropriately inviting Jess to dinner.


JESS: What are you doing here?
VINCE: I just left my jacket.
JESS: Well hurry up.
VINCE: (lingers) Good night.
JESS: Good night.


VINCE'S MOM: Do you know how amazing you are? When you were a little girl, this light would just shine through you.
And now look at you, you've become a beautiful young woman. Isn't she beautiful? I mean, look at her. Isn't she beautiful?
JESS: (embarrassed) Stop.
VINCE: (matter of factly) She's gorgeous.

She joins them for dinner cause she knows they're alone in that depressing place
and the whole atmosphere just lights up. They're so happy she's there, Vince's mom is
beside herself and Vince just sits there looking at her, shaking his head in disbelief
(I have no clue why you care about me and my fucked up mom but I'm so happy that you do) and smiling.
(Plus, you gotta love the darling boy giving up his chair immediately to Jess. Aw.)


JESS: Vince told me you were here so I..I didn't know if it was OK to come
or not but I just wanted to say hi. I and I wanted to tell you Vince is really proud
of what you're doing.
VINCE'S MOM: Thank you. He's a good boy, isn't he?
JESS: He is. Hey, come here. It's ok.
VINCE'S MOM: Thank you for coming.

Technically, there's no Vince in this scene but that's all the more proof of how much
Jess cares. Mom breaks my heart here, especially with the way she says that last line.
Plus, it very well could be what the smiles in this next scene were about:

Aaah, this was so sweet. The first scene where they're openly liking each other.


JESS: I'm just sayin', ain't no point in paying you do to a job if I'm gonna have to follow
after everything and clean up after you. I've seen my little brothers clean toilets.
VINCE: (stands up) Well I'm not your little brother.
JESS: (checks him out and mutters under her breath) Yeah, you're not.

It doesn't really translate when you type it out but it's a pretty amazing UST scene,
especially considering the surroundings, haha. It's really great: the score,
the way she's patronizing him while he's crouching and then kinda catches her breath
when he stands up, all undershirt-y and taunting and stuff.


JESS: You think I don't know what you're up to right now? No, uh-ah. Hell no, no. Vince, no, I, I'm, Vince, no, please!
VINCE: I got something to do right now.
JESS: No, no, Vince, Vince...
VINCE: Why are you here?
JESS: I know you.
VINCE: You don't know me!
JESS: I know that good guy that's inside of you!
VINCE: You got your good guy, you got your guy!
JESS: Landry's so good for me, right? We're so good together, he's such a good guy, right, and you're horrible, right?
VINCE: I'm a monster, that's what I am, I'm that guy!
JESS: Vince...Vince, come back!
(she slides down against a wall and sits)


VINCE: (slides down next to Jess) I didn't do it.
(she starts to cry and they hug)

I adore this scene. She might have been waiting for hours; he comes back after the
hell he went through and she's there, waiting for him; she's paralyzed from fear
until he tells her he didn't go through with it and then she breaks down and they
grab onto each other for dear life. Amazing.

And the mirror image, kind of (in that they're both crushed but here it's Vince who
cries and needs the comfort):


JESS: Yeah, Vince, whatcha doin' here?
(she realizes something's not right) What's the matter?
VINCE: (start to cry) Calvin's dead.
(Jess grabs him and hugs him.)

I love this scene, especially how she's supposed to be hugging him but she ends up
practically with her entire body in his lap, he's holding on so hard.
This scene knocked the wind out of me the first time I saw it. It's just so desperate
and intense and the first time they let go of the antagonism and the holding back
and just are there for each other.

And now for the bonus portion of this picspam:
my 2nd favorite relationship that emerged last season.

HAHAHAHA, look at them in that first cap! Boyfriends.


JD: You got a problem?
VINCE: Nah. but I can get one real quick.

Yeah, get it, Vince! Defend your boyfriend's honor.


From the season finale. I don't know what play coach told them to run but
if it's gonna get these glorious smiles out of them, I want them to always run it. ♥

Ending this with a little treat from the season 5 premiere:


Bonus hilarity: Tink in the car eating.
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